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1865 3CN Three Cent Nickel Judd-410 Pollock-481 PR67CAM PCGS

Item 4542002 Patterns
$ 12550.00
J-102 50c Rstk Pattern PF66 CAC NGC
1839. *CAC. R-7+. Gobrecht 50c Restrike in Silver! Liberty Seated on obverse Flying Eagle on reverse. Only 5 graded! CAC pop 1/0 (1 total).
Item PANC2181 Patterns
$ 37290.00
J-1248 $10 Pattern PF64 BN NGC
1872. R-8! Copper $10 Lib. Struck from regular dies.
Item PANC2187 Patterns
$ 15600.00
J-1464 $1 Pattern PF61 CAC PCGS
1876. *CAC. R-8. Silver. Obverse Barbers Liberty Head IN GOD WE TRUST at top border pearls added to coronet reverse open laurel wreath. Only 3 graded. Off the market for several decades. CAC pop of 1.
Item PANC2188 Patterns
Call for Price
J-1550A $1 Pattern PF64 NGC
1878. R-6-. Silver Morgan Dollar variant. PCGS VALUE $10000.
Item PANC2189 Patterns
$ 9610.00
J-1601 50c Pattern PF66 DCAM CAC PCGS
1879. *CAC. R-6+. Blazing Morgan Silver Half Dollar. CAC pop 1/1 (4 total this is the ONLY DCAM w/ a sticker). DCAM pop 2/0.
Item PANC2190 Patterns
Call for Price
J-1648 $1 Pattern PF64 PCGS
1880. *CAC. R-7-. Goloid Metric Dollar. Liberty head obverse designed by Morgan. Off the market for nearly 25 years. Rare issue with one auction appearance in 12 years. CAC pop 1/0 (1 total).
Item PANC2191 Patterns
$ 12660.00
J-1649 $1 Pattern PF66 BN CAC PCGS
1880. R-7-. *CAC. Copper Metric Dollar featuring Morgans Coiled Hair Stella head. PCGS VALUE $ (RB)19500. CAC pop 2/0 (3 total including RB). Pops are for BN.
Item PANC2192 Patterns
$ 14690.00
J-1756 $20 Pattern PF66 CAC PCGS
1885. *CAC. Aluminum $20. R-8. Incredible quality nearly flawless. 1st generation PCGS VALUE $ holder. CAC pop 1/0 (2).
Item PANC2193 Patterns
Call for Price
J-221 25c Pattern PF64 PCGS
1858. R-7+ Rarest Paquet 25c. Finest at PCGS VALUE $. Only 4 in all grades
Item PANC2182 Patterns
$ 10850.00
J-253 50c Pattern PF64 PCGS
1859. R-7+. Rare Double Obverse Mule! Paquets Liberty Seated with fasces reverse Longacres French Liberty Head. Blast white & razor-sharp near-gem. Off the market for several decades.
Item PANC2183 Patterns
$ 23170.00
J-256 G$1 Pattern PF63 BN PCGS
1859. R-7-. Paquet Copper Gold dollar. Design elements similar to regular issue with taller lettering on obverse & reverse.
Item PANC2184 Patterns
$ 6780.00
J-386 25c Pattern PF65 CAC PCGS
1864. *CAC. R-7-. A With Motto Transitional Pattern Silver 25c from 1864! IN GOD WE TRUST Gem w/ beautiful cobalt & lavender toning. CAC pop 1/0 (3 total).
Item PANC2185 Patterns
$ 8820.00
J-434 $1 Pattern PF62 PCGS
1865. R-7-. Transitional Civil War dollar in Silver. Obverse regular die reverse regular die but WITH MOTTO.
Item PANC2186 Patterns
$ 22600.00
J-837 10c Mint Error PF65 PCGS
1870 Dime on 0.99gm Copper-Nickel planchet. 76% CU 24% NI. Beautiful toning.
Item PANC2194 Patterns
$ 7750.00


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