Category: Colonials

1723 Hibernia Farthing Colonial SP65 PCGS
Silver Pattern. Lovely toning.
Item PANC2001 Colonials
$ 22040.00
1723 Hibernia Halfpenny AU58BN PCGS

Item PANA2191170003 Colonials
$ 460.00
1776 Continental $1 Pewter CURENCY Colonial AU58 NGC
CURENCY Pewter. Lovely original slider. Fresh surfaces fresh to the market. As-made planchet annealing defect on reverse is not distracting.
Item PANC2002 Colonials
Call for Price
1786 Vermontesium Colonial AU50 PCGS
Landscape. Fresh well-struck well-centered.
Item PANC2003 Colonials
$ 8480.00

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